Folding portable floor for the feet percussion anywhere 
Training wood
With shock absorbers and noise mufflers

Many professional artists use Training Wood to study or to make a warm up. Artists likes Domingo Ortega, Adrian Galia, Sara Baras, Jose Serrano, Juan Fernandez Montoya “ Farruquito”, ANtonio Fernandez “ Farru”,  Manuel Ferenandez “ Carpeta”, El Barrullo, Jesus Carmona, El Torombo, Rafael Amargo, La Lupi, Belén López, among many others. Also Show rooms (Tablaos) like, Las Carboneras, Las Tablas, Villarosa, Palau de la Musica Catalana, Fundacion Cajasol, La Fragua,  have  Training Wood in their dressing rooms specimens so that their artists can go to work in perfect condition without disturbing customers without risk of injury.

The famous Dancer Domingo Ortega, after a test appreciates the possibilities and applications that can be given the professional Dancers. Like for the warm up before a performance, or to make maintenance exercises anywhere using the muffled.

Measures and Prices:

Folding models:                                                   Rigid Models:

Folding portable floor, with shock absorbers and noise mufflers for the practice of different dance styles which use feet percussion. There are portable floors available, made out of wood,  designed to enhance the sound quality of feet percussion. Our improvement is the shock absorbers, and the noise mufflers. The shock absorbers, are friendly with the surface where we place our portable floor, but especially, and more important, are gentle with our joints (knees, hips and spine).

And the noise mufflers, allow us to practice on places where loud noises are not permitted. Training Wood has been developed for the practice of feet percussion dances, such as flamenco, tap,etc.

With Training Wood, you can practice those dances with minimum levels of vibration and noise, and without damaging your joints.

-Large model for 215 €.                               

95 x 70 cm open and

45 x 78 x 7 cm cased closed

weighing of 9 Kg.

-XL Model for 260 €.

100 x 100 cm open and

50 x 100 x 7 closed cased

weighing 14 Kg.

-XXL Model 355 €.

200 x 100 cm open and

100 x 100 x 7 closed cased

weighing 27 Kg.

-Small Model for 120 €.

75 x 50 cm, weighing of 5 kg.

-Large model for 160 €.                               

95 x 70 cm, weighing of 8 Kg.

-XL Model for 205 €.

100 x 100 cm, weighing 12 Kg.

At these prices they will have to add postal costs.

We accept special orders. The realizationis completely handmade and tested for

Flamenco and Claque dancers.

Payment is made by bank transfer when ordering or by Paypal.